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45 Years!!

45 years is a long time to be in business and Jackalope celebrates this huge milestone.

Our roots were and remain humble. We have certainly evolved and cycled into and out of certain lines of business. There was no online shopping, overnight shipping or Google in 1976.

So while we have changed, we know that people still appreciate and want a unique shopping experience with excellent customer service.

Big box stores and mega-online retailers simply cannot be everything to everybody.

So for the discerning buyer or the home enthusiast who seeks hidden gems and treasures, who wants excellent pricing and even better customer service, who appreciates a smile and a greeting from knowledgeable staff - Jackalope offers incredible home and garden decor that is as unique as you are.

45 Years later, we still do it old school at Jackalope. Real brick and mortar, kind and knowledgeable staff and great customer service.

The Jackalope Team is excited to invite you to our 45th Anniversary Sale

Sat. July 17 - Sunday, August 1, 2021
25% off all furniture and rugs
10% off all pottery, fountains, nursery and everything else1
45% off Daily Specials2
Consignment and Independent Merchant merchandise are never included in our promotions. 
We will use Facebook and Instagram to announce which products will be marked 45% off. These specials will change daily and will be found in various departments.

Latest in Nursery

Jackalope carries a stunning collection of annuals, perennials, house plants, flowers, soils and amendments, gardening supplies, decor and so much more. We have everything to add wow factor to your garden. Come explore.

Latest in Pottery & Fountains

Jackalope is probably most known for its second to none collection of outdoor pottery. We have 1000s of pots to choose from. We continue to receive new stock. We had completely sold out of chimeneas but our pottery yards are now brimming. Don't wait to grab your favorite style. Come explore.

Latest in Home and Garden Decor

Jackalope knows that it's often the small things that make the biggest statements. Treasures abound at Jackalope for your home and garden. Whether you are looking for stunning textiles for your bedroom or dining table, or a talking piece for your garden, or a colorful accent for your living room. Come explore.

Latest in Furniture & Rugs

Our rugs and furniture collections have been curated for the New Mexican. The big box stores sell the same table and sofa by the 1000s. For the discerning but cost conscience buyer, Jackalope offers unique, style, eclectic, and gorgeous carpets and furniture from all over the globe. Come explore.

One of a Kind Finds

Jackalope has always been that one of a kind place. For 45 years, Jackalope has concentrated on home decor as unique as you are. Perhaps no other category stands out more than our One of Kind or Some of Kind collection. These are treasures that you won't find in big box stores. Our selection and pricing offers you the opportunity to go unique and to go eclectic without breaking the bank. Come explore.
* Note: 3rd party and consignment merchandise are never included in our promotions. This is a small portion of our entire product line and includes items like: Mexican pine furniture, Mexican tile tables, iron lamps, and Zapotec rugs.