Shoppers will find nearly identical product at both Jackalope locations. There is, however, one key difference. Santa Fe has The Mercado and few additional merchants on campus.

What is The Mercado?

Quite simply it is an amalgam of small shop keepers from around the globe that share one big marketplace. The Mercado merchants proudly display wares from their native lands-from Guatemala, to Peru, to South Asia, to Thailand, to Mexico.

Each “shop” is separately owned and operated. Jackalope is proud to partner with these friendly and earnest people. Each vendor adds color and a vibrant ethnic stamp. Come pay them a visit, bid them a warm hello and you will be as delighted with them as with their beautiful handicrafts and ethnic pieces.

Just behind the main Mercado building in Santa Fe, are a few more tenants-including Eastwind Apparel, Sky Weaving, Shamballa Fine Arts (petrified wood), and last but never least, Prairie Dog Glass.

Prairie Dog Glass offers a once in a lifetime experience for visitors to partake in glass blowing classes. And if you don’t have time for a class (which needs to scheduled in advance), stop by and watch glass artisans in action.

Andean Village Art and More

South American Gifts and Handicrafts

Jose Guerra | 505 570-0254

Welcome to Andean Village Art and More - thank you for taking your valuable time to discover a little more about us. We specialize in bringing beautiful South American gifts and products. We have a vast selection of clothing, jewelry, textiles, handicrafts and souvenirs. Our focus is to procure unique and beautiful handmade pieces for our customers. It is our pleasure to share with you a wide range of handicrafts made by families from our villages - hailing from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina. Please come and visit us inside the Mercado. Thank you and blessings to everyone.

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Eastwind Apparel

Women's Cotton Clothing and Artful Wear

Tenzin Lama/Chosang Sherpa
505 629-8767 or 505 829-8763

Welcome to Eastwind Apparel. I started my clothing business, “Eastwind Apparel”, at Jackalope in 2003. I have been working with artists in Southeast Asia in designing and making of our beautiful clothing line. Fine cotton, being my favorite material, is used in making our clothes. We also make and carry a lot of batik, hand-dyed and hand painted fabrics as well. All the clothes are lightweight, comfortable and artful pieces for women. This includes a unique and ample selections for plus sizes. Come see my cotton collection that will keep you cool all summer long. With love, Tenzin and Chosang Sherpa

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Guatemala and More Imports

Handicrafts, handwoven textiles and souvenirs from Guatemala and Ecuador

Carolina and Will Sican
505 920-3533 or 505 501-0597

Welcome to Guatemala and More Imports. We specialize in handcrafted clothing and gifts from Ecuador and Guatemala. We carry beautiful handmade Guatemalan bags. Our product line is very unique as it is beautiful. Our line of cotton and linen clothing and garments are at once tribal and comfortable. We carry an assortment of children’s clothing as well as fabulous souvenirs. Come by and say hello when you are next at Jackalope in Santa Fe.

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Hernandez Imports

Mexican Artefacts and Handicrafts

Bertha Hernandez
505 620-8224

Welcome to Hernandez Imports. We have all kinds of fabulous and colorful artisan crafts for inside and outside of your home. Our broad product line originates from Mexico. We have a beautiful line of Talavera pottery that includes: bowls, plates, pots, decorations and more. We also have a menagerie of tin and metal decoratives that include: crosses, kokopellis and animals. Our glassware line includes: cups, pitchers and bottles. We carry handmade Mata Ortiz pottery and suns. We have beautiful Mexican ceramic tiles and mirrors. Whether you are shopping for a gift or for yourself, we know you will be delighted. We have been at Jackalope for nearly 5 years. Come by and say hello!

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Kanya’s Shop

Jewelry and Clothing from Thailand and Asia

Kanya Jumthong
505 770-1071 505 795-3527

Welcome to Kanya’s Shop. Kanya offers unique offerings from Thailand and South East Asia. Come find beautiful tie-dyed clothing, colorful gifts and handmade jewelry. We also carry a lovely assortment of children’s clothing.

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Prairie Dog Glass

Hand-Blown Glass

Mary Elsesser and Patrick Morrisey
505 216-1699

The “Glass Experience.” Come watch and see the art of glassblowing. Create your own piece(s) with our hands on “Glass Experience” or choose an item from our large inventory created by our local artisans. Our selection includes vases, bowls, yard art, seasonal decor, hummingbird feeders and much more. Visitors have been enjoying the art of glass blowing at this Jackalope location for over 15 year! Come Join Us!

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Shamballa Fine Arts

Arizona Petrified Wood

Per Nilson
505 577-2448

Arizona rainbow petrified wood. We sell fossilized wood for landscaping and collecting. Visit our lot right next to Prairie Dog Glass at Jackalope Santa Fe. We sell wholesale to landscapers and designers.

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Sky Weaving

Hand woven and handmade products from Central and South America

Marlon Solorzano

Welcome to Sky Weaving. We have great inventory of original Guatemalan designs which are all handmade, hand bags, table runners, ponchos, soft blankets, Hammocks, jewelry (bead work) and more! We have the best prices around the area and a pleasant atmosphere. We’ll welcome to you with a great smile. Please come and visit to us. Our location is just behind the Mercado are right next to the glass blowing house. Thank you!

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Southwest Sky

Semi-precious stones and Baskets

Faheem Shahzad
505 203-8777

Southwest Sky has one of the largest selection of beads, jewelry, minerals, findings and baskets you will find in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. We carry turquoise, coral, lapiz, pearls and an immense variety of jaspers and agates. Here at Southwest Sky, you can find extensive choices of select souvenirs curated from all of New Mexico but with an emphasis on South Asia. Our experience and service have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers. We are located at both Jackalope locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

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Zapotec Indian Weavers

Handmade Zapotec Oaxacan Textiles

Tammy, Leo and Adrian Martinez
505 316-9845 or 505 473-0903
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The Zapotec Indian Weavers live and weave in a small village, high in the mountains of Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca which is in the south central region of Mexico. The indigenous culture has flourished here for centuries. The Collection blends design elements from ethnic and tribal cultures from all over the world. Our family, the Martinez Family, uses carefully selected wools to ensure quality and durability. We employ our own dye-maker who mixes color by hand in an age old tradition. We carry a large spectrum of sizes, designs and colors. We also carry a special collection of natural un-dyed pieces. Come by and pay us a visit. We would love to show you our beautiful line of rugs and other handicrafts from our region.

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