Jackalope has emphasized one guiding principle since March of 2020: 

We must protect the health and safety of both employees and customers.  

Unlike big box stores and bustling shopping malls, Jackalope has ample parking and wide-open spaces. So we welcome you to come safely shop and explore. Our recognized customer service sets us apart from much of the marketplace.

Jackalope is following The State of New Mexico and the CDC’s guidelines whereby in most circumstances, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask in either indoor or outdoor settings. All individuals who are unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated are still required, per the NM public health order and CDC guidance, to wear a mask in public settings. 

Like most retail operations, we will rely on the honor system for vaccination status.

As of July 18, 2021, Jackalope vaccinated staff will no longer be required to wear facial coverings. We will pivot, should the need arise, to keep customers and employees safe. We are following recommendations from the CDC and NMDOH in making our company based decisions. Jackalope continues to encourage all employees to get vaccinated if they are willing and able to do so.

Here are the safety and operational changes that Jackalope has made due to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Customers who are unvaccinated and unable to meet the facial recovering requirement are asked to call the store for alternative solutions.
  • We have reopened our public restroom facilities as well as our water fountains. 
  • Disinfectant spray and disinfectant aerosols have been placed in the restrooms. As the restrooms are public we encourage you to sanitize the lavatory before and after use. We also encourage the use of facial covering while visiting the restroom.  
  • We strongly encourage and prefer credit card transactions.
  • We have implemented heightened cleaning protocols of all common areas.
  • All employees are still required to wear a facial covering whether vaccinated or not. This may change but for now the mask requirement for employees working with fellow employees or with customers remains in effect. 
  • Employees are requested to repeatedly wash their hands, wipe down their work area, avoid congregating with other employees, allow for ample space between themselves and customers, and more.
  • We sincerely request for you to delay your visit if you are not feeling well or exhibiting any Covid-19 related symptoms. We respectfully ask that you follow health guidelines if you recently have been exposed, have tested positive, or are exhibiting symptoms. We cannot thank you enough for helping keep our employees safe and in turn so we can help to keep you and others safe.
  • Based on the many changes and rapid developments with Covid-19 transmission rates, Jackalope will adjust our protocol to maximize the safety of employees and customers. 
  • We know that shopping often is a family affair. But until the pandemic is behind us, we ask that your visit be purpose-driven and expeditious.


We will see you on the other side of this extraordinary and disruptive pandemic. And when we do, you will still find our signature customer service, our unique and quirky array of home and garden decor, and a very grateful staff.